Welcome to the Weekly 50.  Every week we will set forth a challenge that is simple but meant to get you focused on improving your health and lifestyle.  You may surprise yourself with what you can do.  You may even learn something along the way.  Our hope is that you learn something about yourself. 

From pushups to sleep habits to connections with social media, the challenges are meant to keep health a priority in your life. Complete the challenges among friends, within teams, or on your own.  Find the challenge greater than your comfort level? Cut it in half.  Find the challenge far too easy? Double it.  Centering the challenges around “50” makes adjustments easy and customizable.

Weekly challenges will always come with a pearl or two about how to re-envision your approach to your lifestyle.  Although primarily geared toward young adults, most adults will find the challenges and pearls engaging as well! Think you are up for the Weekly 50 challenge? 

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